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American DataBank offers employee, volunteer and student background screening solutions for institutions at all education levels, from K-12 through higher education and graduate study programs. In addition to standard background and drug screening services, we provide program-specific searches - such as those required for healthcare compliance - and customized technical solutions.

Healthcare Exclusion Monitor

Similar to the search commonly known as “FACIS”, Healthcare Exclusion Monitoring enables healthcare clients to access the following lists through a single search:

  • OIG (Office of Inspector General)
  • GSA (General Services Administration)
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Debarment List

Use It To: To meet compliance requirements imposed on most healthcare or federally-funded employers through a single search.

Recommended: For applicants working in a healthcare or related environment. May be required for institutions receiving Federal, State, Joint Commission, or other grant.

Necessary Information: Applicant’s name, DOB and SSN.

Turnaround Time: Same Business Day


Compliance & Immunization MANAGEMENT

Many of our higher education clients need more than just background checks as they must track complex compliance requirements such as immunization records, signature documents, and proof of insurance. Further, many requirements expire and documentation must be updated on an ongoing basis.

Working in close partnership with numerous educational programs, American DataBank developed our sophisticated online software, Complio, allowing students and program administrators to collaborate in the collection, review, and sharing of compliance documents.

The software is tailored to meet the specific requirements at the institution, department, program, and even course level. Learn More or Request a Demo.



Electronicaly tracks immunizations and background checks including, but not limited to:

  • Healthcare Exclusion Monitor
  • FBI Fingerprint Results
  • Drug Screening Results
  • Immuniztions and Requirements
Complio iMac


Customizable Website:

  • American DataBank will create a custom Complio website for your applicants to utilize, unifying your institution and our program.

Robust Rules Engine:

  • Complio is designed for maximum flexibility to accomodate evolving and complex requirements al through one simple process.


  • Communication with students and employees is imperative for succesful compliance.
  • We offer custom and detailed instructions per requirement, send automatic reminders when an item is nearing expiration, allow notes and communication messages betwen Administrators and User, and have a number of easily accessible short How-To videos.


  • Users and Administrators can generate Passport Reports which provides a snapshop of an applicant's compliance.
  • Administrators can produce detailed reports based on a category, item, overall compliance, or any combination thereof.
  • Complio alows Administrators to filter, sort, customize, and quickly download reports based off their requirements and reporting needs.
Customized Websites

WEBSITE Customization

American DataBank will create a fully customizable website for your staff, students, and volunteers to order their background checks and immunization tracking online.

  • Your organization's logo, color scheme, policies, and screening requirements - plus any requested additional content.
  • User-friendly, point-and-click ordering process designed to meet your specific organizational needs.
  • Custom websites designed, implemented, and supported by American DataBank's internal IT department
  • All search results are archived indefinitely.
  • No setup fees, no monthly fees, and no minimum order requirements.

SIMPLE Order Process:

  • Your organization provides the individual with the URL for the custom website.
  • The individual goes to the web site, orders the background, drug screens, and/or immunization tracking subscription, enters the required information, and electronically signs a Disclosure & Authorization form.
  • Payment options are flexible. The individual can pay for the screen and/or subscription during the order process or the organization can elect to be invoiced.
  • Screening results are sent to both the individual and the organization.
  • American DataBank supports both the individual and the organization. We’ll happily answer any questions that arise during the screening process.

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