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Our mission is to deliver innovative technology with the personal touches that transform a client relationship into a true partnership. Rather than offer one-size-fits-all software, we tailor our solutions to the needs of each individual client. We'll custom build a program to meet your specific screening needs and process requirements.

Latest News

We need to strengthen NH’s background check system
We all know that dangerous people don't make the best decisions. But sometimes they shine a bright spotlight on themselves, highlighting their dangerous – and sometimes deadly – attempts to purchase a gun. Read More...

Landmark $15M settlement in Census Bureau background-check lawsuit
Evelyn Houser, a North Philadelphia grandmother, didn't live to see the end of what she started six years ago. Houser, who died in September, was a lead plaintiff in the landmark $15 million settlement of a class-action suit this week that may help hundreds of thousands of people with criminal records get jobs. Read More...

Onfido, a background check start-up for 'Uberized' world raises $25 million
A start-up that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out complex background checks needed in today's "sharing economy", has raised $25 million from venture capital firms that have previously invested in the likes of Spotify and Dropbox. Read More...