American DataBank is pleased to propose a program for compiling and tracking Coronavirus data throughout the State of Colorado in a way that will facilitate both back-to-work decisions and epidemiology / health-policy decisions.

Coronavirus Passport Program

The proposal is called the Coronavirus Passport (CP) Program because it creates a digital record, or Passport, containing multiple categories of information that are relevant to the individual’s ability to return to work and the State’s ability to develop effective COVID-19 management policies.

Account Set Up. 

The CP Program is designed to provide aggregates of sortable information to government agencies, hospitals, schools and selected large private employers (referred to as “Clients”).  Each Client would create an account in American DataBank’s Complio platform.  

Each participating individual who desires to create a Coronavirus Passport (a “Participant”) would go to the Client page for the Client where he or she works and create an individual Participant account.  As a first step in creating an account the Participant will waive HIPAA and other privacy rights with respect to all health information uploaded to his/her digital Coronavirus Passport. 

Categories of Collected Information.  

Antibody Test Results. 

If a third party lab (Quest, LabCorp) does the test ADB will upload the results received from the third party.  If a private company prints the results at the time the test is taken and gives the Participant a document showing the test results, ADB will assist the Participant to submit a PDF of that document so that ADB can verify that the correct results are uploaded.  

Since there will be many private companies producing multiple versions of an antibody test (some will test only for IgM, IgG or IgA and others will test for two or three of these antibodies), each Client will establish Rules for which testing company(ies) will be deemed acceptable/reliable and which antibodies will be tested.  As part of ADB’s verification process, ADB will not allow a Participant to upload results from Test Company D, E or F if the Client’s Rules say that only results from Test Companies A, B or C are acceptable.  If the Client Rules require test results for both IgM and IgG but the uploaded result only covered one of these antibodies, ADB will not verify the result.

Other Information.

The Participant will need to provide additional information designed to assist Clients and medical researchers in making correct employment and health policy decisions.  Understanding when a Participant is truly immune and when he or she is no longer contagious are major unresolved questions that, in most cases, cannot be answered by just a single antibody test.

To facilitate answers to these important questions, ADB will collect (in addition to demographic data, age, race, zip code, etc.) other types of information that medical experts recommend in order to create a meaningful database, both for the individual Participant and for future analysis of Coronavirus behavior.

For example, additional information may be collected regarding:

  • Prior Coronavirus Tests, Frequency and Results (usually done by nose or throat swab)
  • Prior Antibody Tests, Frequency and Results (done with blood draw)
    • If desired by the Client, the Complio System will send an email reminder at desired intervals to remind Participants that their antibody test needs to be repeated. The System will flag Participants who are behind on their repeat testing requirement.
  • COVID-19 Symptom History:
    • Date of Symptoms
    • Severity of Symptoms: mild, moderate or high
    • Duration of Symptoms
  • Travel, Distancing and Hygiene:
    • Report travel to any other cities of states
      • Date of travel?
      • Means of travel: By car, bus or plane?
    • Report Distancing & Hygiene Practices:
      • Quarantined following possible exposure? Dates of quarantine?
      • Have you returned to work at a location outside your home? When?
      • Social distancing 4-6 weeks ago was: mild, Moderate or strict?
      • Social distancing in most recent 3 weeks was: mild, Moderate or strict?
      • Mask wearing in most recent 3 weeks was: mild, Moderate or strict?
      • Hand washing and gel use in most recent 3 weeks was: mild, Moderate or strict?
  • Immunity Status: Report if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 
  • Contagious Status: Report if people in your family or close proximity at work are diagnosed with COVID-19

The Complio System will send an email reminder at desired intervals to remind Participants to answer these last two questions.

Why Chose the Coronavirus Passport (CP) Program?

The CP Program powered by Complio has two principal advantages over a “any test works” approach for a back-to-work antibody certificate:

First, the CP Program allows large entities (hospitals, schools, government agencies and certain employers) to develop a customized immunity testing program based on compliance Rules and standards they have chosen.  They may want to identify just two or three testing companies or procedures deemed to be acceptable.  They may want to put a red flag on Participants who are behind on their repeat testing and a yellow flag on Participants who have travelled outside the U.S.  These Rules can be revised as Coronavirus research and knowledge evolves.


Second, the CP Program serves the larger community of medical and immunology researchers.  The CP database can be sorted to generate a wide variety of reports on selected information categories.  The CP database will give researchers valuable input on questions like: What degree of immunity is provided by strong vs weak antibodies? Does the identified immunity vary depending on distancing and hygiene practices? How long does the immunity last?  Adopting state-of-art data collection practices will demonstrate Colorado’s leadership in healthcare policy.



When Will the CP Program Be Available? 

How Much Will It Cost?

The CP Program is powered by American DataBank’s existing Complio platform which already provides immunization tracking and healthcare compliance services to tens of thousands of educatitonal programs around the country.  The initial version of CP Program could be developed in 2 weeks assuming ADB receives concurrent input from the Dept. of Health and other medical experts on the “additional information” questions.  American DataBank will donate free of charge the cost of initial and continuing software development for the CP Program. ADB will need to recover its actual costs for the additional employees needed to verify Participant data uploaded to the CP Program, answer Participant questions and assist Participants with the uploading process, but this labor cost can be amortized over all Clients according to Participant volume on a retroactive quarterly basis.