If you are a victim of trafficking you can block certain adverse information on your background screening report.


If you are a victim of human trafficking or sex trafficking you can block adverse information that arose out of the trafficking from appearing on your background screening. To block that information, please provide us with the four items below for our review:


  • Victim determination: This is documentation of a determination that you are a victim of trafficking, made by:
    1) Federal, State, or Tribal governmental entity;
    2) a court of competent jurisdiction, which includes certain documents filed in court;
    3) a non-governmental organization or human trafficking task force (including victim service providers affiliated with these entities, authorized by a Federal, State, or Tribal government entity); or
    4) a self-attestation that is signed or certified by a Federal, State, or Tribal government entity, court of competent jurisdiction, or an authorized representative of these entities.
  • Information to be blocked: You must identify the items of adverse information that should not be on the background check because the items resulted from trafficking.
  • Proof of identity: You must provide a document showing you are the individual who is the subject of the victim determination (e.g.: a government issued photo ID, notarized statement identifying you, or other method of proof relevant to your situation). Please contact us if you are not sure what proof of identity to provide.
  • Preferred method of contact: You must inform us if you prefer communication electronically or via mail.


If you wish to submit the above information electronically or contact us electronically you can do so by emailing us at dispute@americandatabank.com

You can contact us or submit information by mail at either of the below addresses:

American DataBank
C/O Disputes
110 16th St, 8th Fl
Denver, CO 80202

American DataBank
C/O Blocking Trafficking Information
301 Kalamath St, Ste 102
Denver, CO 80223

If you wish to call us, you can reach us at 800-200-0853 or 800-267-5317.