Our system can seamlessly integrate with your current system for a Single Sign-On solution.

Single Sign-On & Data Transfer

Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

The Complio system offers a variety of integration solutions to fit your organization’s technology and needs. Our system can be integrated with your current platform(s) to allow seamless data and information transfer. Whether you want to send us information from your applicant tracking system to initiate the background screening process, receive clearance status, or allow your students to access Complio via a single sign-on, we will work with you to address and deliver a customized solution.

American DataBank has successfully completed many system-to-system integrations with educational institution’s proprietary software and with commercial software systems, including Applicant Tracking Systems. These integrations are utilized by clients to simplify the process of requesting background checks, returning screening results, and tracking clinical requirements. We take the time to learn more about each client’s individual systems and requirements in order to craft an integration that speaks to each client’s processes and current technology.

We have built custom integrations that interface directly with SalesForce, iCIMS, inPlace, myclinicalExchange, CCPS, Acemapp, and Kenexa’s BrassRing to name a few. 

Available Integration Methods

Single Sign On (SSO)

Deploying an SSO integration with the Complio system will allow users to seamlessly access the Complio system from your organization’s user portal or via DNS entry. Users need not enter multiple sets of system credentials in order to access multiple systems. Your platform and Complio remain independent of one another, but are related using the SSO credentialing process. We support the industry standard SAML (v 1.1 and 2.0) method of data formatting and exchange for Shibboleth, among many others, for IdP.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Implementing an API will allow your organization’s platform to communicate with the Complio system in a real-time connection.

This connection can:

  • Create new student accounts
  • Import student-specific data, name, email address, DOB, address, position, accounting code, etc.
  • Provide general to granular clinical compliance details
  • Provide completion dates
  • Provide expiration dates
  • Provide compliance dates
  • Provide background screening clearance status
  • Provide completed results reports
  • Provide compliance documents

Data Feed (SFTP)

Does your platform not support a custom API? Not to worry. The Complio system can be configured to receive and provide student data via an SFTP in the absence of an API connection. Information received and sent can be customized based on your organization’s particular needs.