Document Tracking

Securely and electronically store compliance documents in our cloud-based document management system.

Sorting, filing, and searching through copious documents can become a huge burden for administrators.

Individuals often provide hard copies to represent proof of insurance, CPR certification, or childhood immunizations. Paper documents are vulnerable – especially in cases where the individual submits an original document rather than a copy – making the facility responsible for potential loss of original documentation. Even with copied documents, there are immense challenges associated with organizing and securely storing paper files for each individual.

Complio securely and electronically stores documents in our cloud-based document management system. With an infinitely scalable structure, users do not have to worry about data storage limits and administrators have a direct route to access users’ documentation.

Users upload documents and enter data within their own secure, online account. This approach frees administrators from the manual process of collecting and organizing paper documents.

With Complio’s accessible reporting and searching functions, administrators can find documents associated to a particular category, a group of categories, a single student, or a group of students.