In this unprecedented crisis, American DataBank is here to help.

As the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic, the problem facing many businesses, schools, and hospitals is primarily one of uncertainty. Employers and administrators are left with the difficult task of assessing their applicants and staff, and determining how and when to safely bring people back to work.

Many schools across the country will be requiring staff and students to be vaccinated in order to return to campus. Many businesses still take your temperature at the door before entering. Questionnaires and attestations are still being used.

American DataBank is proud to introduce the Coronavirus Passport Program to help you navigate this unique challenge.

Leveraging the industry-leading compliance tracking technology of our Complio system, the CP Program is designed to track your organization’s pandemic response at the individual level, based on the most up-to-date criteria available—allowing you to make decisions based on evidence, not guesswork.


How it Works:

Clients who wish to implement the CP Program will be set up with Complio accounts. Through consultation with our system experts, a set of tracking items will be configured in the system for your organization.  Once your tracking solution has been built, individuals within your organization will be able to create Complio accounts and will be given your organization’s specific set of criteria to begin tracking.

Once your organization’s personnel are tracking their data within the system, you will be able to access the system at any time to generate individual summary reports, or “Passports,” of your staff’s submitted information.

Your organization’s CP Program can be customized to your specific needs. With the vaccine now available, it is a good time to start planning what COVID evidence you and your partners would like to see in an effective COVID-19 security program.  For example, to let an employee back to work onsite, will it be enough for them to provide proof of a negative result in a recent COVID-19 test? Will a test for the presence of effective antibodies be required? Or perhaps proof of vaccination will suffice.

Understanding when a Participant is truly immune and when he or she is no longer contagious are still unresolved questions that likely need longer term research to be answered. American DataBank is closely tracking information and we are reaching out to government and medical authorities to stay informed of the most up-to-date recommendations for COVID-19 security. With the CP Program, take advantage of our customizable technology to track the information that matters to your organization, and rest assured that our experts are closely monitoring developments in the scientific community. As soon as a medically-valid COVID-19 screening program is available to the public, it will be available in Complio.


What Information Can the CP Program Track?

Use the CP Program to track any of the following items:

Antibody Test Results.  If a third party lab (such as Quest or LabCorp) does the test, ADB can upload the results received from the third party.  If a private company prints the results at the time the test is taken and gives the Participant a document showing the test results, ADB will assist the Participant to submit a PDF of that document so that ADB can verify that the correct results are uploaded.  

Since there will be many private companies producing multiple versions of an antibody test (some will test only for IgM, IgG or IgA, while others will test for two or three of these antibodies), each Client will establish Rules for which testing company(ies) will be deemed acceptable/reliable and which antibodies will be tested.  ADB’s verification process will enforce these rules; for example, ADB will not allow a Participant to upload results from Test Company D, E or F if the Client’s Rules say that only results from Test Companies A, B or C are acceptable.  If the Client Rules require test results for both IgM and IgG but the uploaded result only covered one of these antibodies, ADB will not verify the result.

Prior Coronavirus Tests. Track frequency and results of nose or throat swab tests.

Prior Antibody Tests. Track frequency and results of blood tests.

Covid-19 Symptom History. Track date of symptoms, severity of symptoms (mild, moderate, or high), and/or duration of symptoms.

Recent Travel History. Track individuals’ recent travel to other cities, states, or countries, dates of travel, and means of travel.

Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Hygienic Practices. Track whether your staff were quarantined following possible exposure; the duration and dates of quarantine; whether they have returned to work at a location outside their home, and when; the strictness of their social distancing, mask-wearing, and hand-washing practices over specific periods of time.

Immunity and Contagion Status. Track whether your organization’s individuals were diagnosed with Covid-19, and whether their family members or others in close proximity have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Vaccination Tracking. Complio tracks and manages vaccinations and other requirements with a two-step approach. Our powerful rules-based engine calculates compliance in real time and is followed by our highly trained review team. 

Why Choose the CP Program?

The CP Program powered by Complio has several advantages over alternative approaches for a back-to-work certification program:

Customization: The CP Program allows your organization to develop a customized immunity testing program based on compliance Rules and standards you have chosen.  For example, you may want to identify just two or three testing companies or procedures deemed to be acceptable.  Or you may want to put a red flag on Participants who are behind on their repeat testing and a yellow flag on Participants who have travelled outside the U.S.  Or you may want the system to send automatic notifications to individuals reminding them to update their information in the system, or alerting them when they fall behind schedule. Your Rules and configurations can also be revised as Coronavirus research and knowledge evolves.

Guidance You Can Trust: Scam artists are trolling all over the internet with false claims about preventative actions and cures one can take for COVID 19.  In much the same way, some vendors are taking advantage of COVID-related risks by offering programs that appear to provide solutions to problems where, in fact, no scientifically-valid solution exists. With American DataBank’s CP Program, you can rest assured that your COVID-19 tracking solution is based in evidence and up-to-date scientific consensus, without false promises of miracle cures. We understand that you can’t risk cutting corners, which is why we don’t risk it either.

Contribution to Public Understanding of COVID-19: The CP Program serves the larger community of medical and immunology researchers.  Using existing reporting capabilities in Complio, the CP Program data can be sorted to generate a wide variety of reports on selected information categories.  This CP Program database will give researchers valuable input on questions like: What degree of immunity is provided by strong vs weak antibodies? Does the identified immunity vary depending on distancing and hygiene practices? How long does the immunity last?  There is still much to be learned about the coronavirus; the CP Program can be used not just as an immediate solution to determine the safety of individuals, but also to further our collective understanding of this pandemic.