Employment Verification

Employment Verifications can identify fraud, employment gaps and even incarceration; as such, they can provide even more value than a criminal background check. Report will include: dates of employment, job title, dependability, overall performance, salary, reason for separation and rehire eligibility. Previous employers may have different policies regarding the information they will release during verification of employment. Third party fees may apply if a previous employer has outsourced the verification process to a third party.

Use It To:

  • Confirm the applicant has not represented him/herself fraudulently.
  • Assess the applicant’s work ethic and skills.

Verifications are conducted in-house by our own representatives to ensure quality and security of our services. Our staff will conduct additional research to obtain updated contact information if the information provided with the request is inaccurate.

American DataBank makes daily attempts to contact verification sources, documenting all communication. If a verification request is still pending after three business days (72 hours), a representative will contact your personnel to notify them of the delay and determine if there is any further information to be utilized. No verification request is closed until we receive results or approval from your personnel.

Recommended: For positions with previous experience, specific level of past position or trades as a prerequisite to employment.

Necessary Information: Applicant’s name, DOB, and employment information such as company name, dates worked and position.

Turnaround Time: 1 to 3 business days; dependent on past employer responsiveness