Better Service

American DataBank Provides Better Service
1. Customer Centric
As a customer centric solution provider, every service and decision is based upon the best interest for our clients.   We work for our clients, not share- holder or investors.
We wants our clients to proud
Make our quality personal
 Exceptional customer service: clients and their applicants will always reach a live person to provide quick support. (detail support hours, customer service goals, comments by applicants/clients)
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Superior Technology
  • Compliance Expertise
  • ADB Way
Conclusion: ADB is your trusted partner for today and tomorrow. (can be changed, still Add customer feedback quotes: What American DataBank Customers Say)
 Stats
 Comprehensive solutions: our services are based on customer needs. We work
together with our clients to ensure they obtain the services with best fit their
needs. Through our extensive list of services, we simplify the screening process
for our clients and ease the workload. Etc. (list primary services, stats on turn
around times, orders processed, etc, link to solutions page)
 Innovation at hand. ADB consistently executes the Kaizen philosophy to meet
the ever changing demands of current and future work climate. We are
receptive to customer suggestions and strive to incorporate technological and
service-based improvements to being more value to our clients. (graphic about
improvement, new tech, maybe stats of investments in our technology,
biweekly updates to systems, etc.)
 Active member of regulatory bodies
 In house council
Transparency: clearly defining expectations to the client and applicant. Providing all the tools and information to complete and review a background check.
(logos of regulatory affiliations, link to white papers or case studies on transparency, link to resources page)
 ADB Way – speak to our mission, investment in human resources, company growth, social responsibility.